About Seatle School

“The surrounding world imposes upon the individual,wants to destroy the subject,
or the subject goes into the surrounding world to destroy.”
– Hermann Nitsch

Seattle School was established in 2002 as a performance group interested in exploring sound and music,primarily in terms of spatial relations, memory, deep time / wide incidence, calculus, communication / notation, failure, physicality, and inquiries into the definitions of tone, language, and audience.

Influences include the Futurists, Dada, Earle Brown, Fluxus, Aktionists, Yoko Ono, Irritart, John Cage, Abbie Hoffman,Buster Keaton, Harry Partch, Alvin Lucier, Andy Kaufman, video game audio implementation, and No Wave.

The roster of participants changes per performance, depending on the orchestration of individual pieces. The composers currently reside and work in Seattle and have created innumerable and critically lauded works for film, theatre, radio, TV, and interactive media.

If you or your child have an interest in music and want to explore music more deeply, or if you are a young musician who is passionate about music and is contemplating a career in music, the Seattle School offers a rich and varied curriculum tailored for students of all levels.

Scholarship and Work-Study Opportunities Available