The Late, Great Tom Rollins Is One Of The More Unique Examples Of The Business Model Known As The …

The truth is that a lot of what makes for an awesome boss can also make for an awful boss. The secret to effectively running a business that is ultimately worth millions of dollars has been hiding in plain site for more than 25 years.

It’s amazing the lengths people will go to if they think they can get rich quick by pretending to be an expert in a proven system, even though in reality it’s not quite that simple. Tom Rollings found the right way to implement the CEO Formula by using something called the “board’s meeting”. This board meeting was held almost every week and rolled into the evening so no one attending really had a chance to see how it actually worked. Instead, Tom Rollins would pretend to be presenting a business opportunity while making sure everyone heard him out. The result was that Tom Rollins consistently went from being a tiny little person with no idea how to run a company to a CEO who was a tireless workhorse creating shareholder value.

The reason Tom Rollins became such a great CEO was because he was able to learn from those who were the most successful at it. His education was in finance and because of his working knowledge of finance he was able to apply the same tactics of business strategy that the greatest CEO’s used. Tom Rollins learned from the finest and had a knack for recognizing things that worked and applying them to his own strategy. He took a very simple concept, but applied it to his own unique situation and made it workable and highly effective.

The book describes how Tom Rollins was able to create a unique and truly powerful way to restructure a company to create more shareholder value.Simply put, shareholder value is the The CEO Formula book overall wealth of a company is worth to all of its stock holders. Simply stated, the ultimate goal of a company is to create long term shareholder value. So, by changing how the company does things on a regular basis Tom Rollins was able to change the fortunes of the company for the better. The book not only explains the four ways to create shareholder value, but it goes into detail about why they are so important to companies.

The fourth way to create shareholder wealth is through the use of an executive coach. The fourth chapter of the book describes exactly what an executive coach is and how it can benefit a business. The key thing to take from this chapter is that the authors do not believe that all successful CEOs are born leaders. Instead, it is imperative for CEOs to possess certain traits and characteristics that are necessary to be a successful leader. The book then describes what these traits and characters are and how the authors feel that Tom Rollins is such a person. The book then goes on to describe how an executive coach can help create these characters.

The fifth chapter of the book describes how an executive coach can help change a company through a revolutionary process known as “third generation succession planning.” The authors describe how this process has helped change many businesses. The fifth chapter also describes why an owner should consider having such a plan in place at his or her company

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