“I Sing The Body Electric” By Walt Whitman Is A Poem About The Human Body

Written in free verse, the poem explores the human body in different ways. Most sections of the poem are broken into smaller stanzas, with each new stanza exploring a different aspect of the central idea. The final section is a long, uninterrupted chant. Whitman uses his signature list structure to emphasize each verse’s specific intent. The poem’s overall theme focuses on the relationship between the soul and body.

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When a person experiences love, his or her body will become “electric,” a metaphor for the relationship between the two people. If you sing the song to your beloved, their body will become more “electric” and disrupted. And this song is an excellent way to show how much you care for your partner. The


of this is clear: body electrical is an important part of physical health. A full spectrum of minerals is essential for restoring the electrical integrity of the body

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